Bee Products


In the pastures and forests, bees look for nectar and honeydew. They collect them in their honey stomach and bring them to the hive, where worker bees carefully store them and ripen them. Since the worker bees perfectly manage the entire process, the bee-keeper is not actively involved in honey-making at this point. However, a quality honey can only be made with regular and proper care for bees throughout the year, with accurate preparation and maintenance of beekeeping equipment, as well as with a precise extraction process. We strive to care for bees responsibly throughout all seasons. “We love bees” is the motto that drives our work as beekeepers. We obey these simple “beekeeping rules” and are pleased to offer you honey made by the Cvet beekeeping family.



Bees collect pollen when flying from one flower to another. During flight, they form the pollen into a clod attached to their rear leg and bring it to the beehive.

Beekeepers remove the pollen from bees’ legs with special pollen traps mounted in front of the hive entrance, or they dig it from the honeycombs where bees have stored it. Pollen collected at the beehive entrance is called trapped pollen, and the one dug out from the honeycombs is called bee bread.

The trapped pollen should be removed daily from the traps and carefully sorted. Afterwards it undergoes the process of drying in a special dryer at 40°C or is immediately frozen.

Bee bread is already fermented. It is biologically richer and contains less water than trapped pollen. Due to the fermentation it is also easier to digest.



Beeswax is excreted by worker bees in the period during rich pollen and especially nectar flow. A rich food supply is a precondition for the bee colony to expand; therefore, the worker bees excrete larger amounts of beeswax and start building honeycombs.
Beeswax is a very useful bee product. In the past, it was mostly used for lighting, embalming, bandages, seals, and for painting. Nowadays, it is often used in ointments, soaps, perfumes, make-up etc.

Cvet offers you candles made from natural beeswax. The gentle light and pleasant aroma of the beeswax will fill any space with intimacy. Do not hesitate to contact us. We take individual orders.

Comb honey

Honeycombs are the first honey pots: pots where bees store honey. We like to call it the best natural sweetener in its original packaging. Comb honey is covered with beeswax, thus keeping the authentic scent of pastures and forest.