Bee Queens

Slovenia is home to Carniolan honey bee. This species was first scientifically described and mentioned here. In Slovenia, only Carniolan honey bees are allowed to be kept; no other species can be imported or kept. Beekeepers perform basic selection and thus ensure breed purity and queen quality.

Beekeepers in Cvet beekeeping are thoroughly familiar with the traditional queen-rearing system with grafting, using a starter bee colony and a nurse colony. Queen bees mate in well-insulated mating nucs occupied with many drone colonies.

We carefully select candidates for new queens from the colonies in the selection apiaries; we select the above-average colonies and use them as breeder hives to ensure the optimum quality of queens being raised. We are following all rearing goals, with particular focus on bee gentleness and high yield.

Cvet Beekeeping offers you ripe queen cells, virgin queens, and mated queens. Do not hesitate to contact us. We take individual orders.

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